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Services July 2024

Thursday 4th11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 7th10.00 amAll Age ServiceCW
Voluntary in F Op 6/4t Stanley
The Call Randall
Postlude Woodlands Bedard
6.30 pmParish CommunionCW
Melodia Op 129/4 Reger
Interlude Fulda Mawby
Carillon Op 31/21 L. Vierne
Thursday 11th11.00 amMorning Prayer
Sunday 14th10.00 amParish CommunionCW
Méditation Op. 31/7 L. Vierne
Iste Sanctus Victoria
Gaudent in coelis Victoria
Postlude Truro Bedford
6.30 pmChoral EvensongBCPByrd
Moore Third Service
The spirit of the Lord Elgar
Nocturne Tailleferre
Thursday 18th11.00 amMorning Prayer
Sunday 21st10.00 amFamily EucharistCW
Trio Aurelia Blackwell
In pace Blitheman
Ubi Caritas Gjeilo
Hymn to the Sun Op 53/3 L. Vierne
6.30 pmChoral ComplineBCPPlainsong
Es ist ein ros Op 122/8 Brahms
Magdalena Op 22/6Brahms
Vater unser BWV 683 J.S.Bach
Thursday 25th11.00 amMorning Prayer
Sunday 28th 10.00 amParish CommunionCW
6.30 pmEvensong (said)BCP

Services January 2024

Thursday 4th11.00 amMorning PrayerCW
Sunday 7th
10.00 amAll the Family ServiceCW
What child is this? Hewitt-Jones
Flourish Cruger Blackwell
6.30 pmCarol ServiceCWfor Epiphany
Bethlehem Down Warlock
In the bleak mid-winter Darke
Say, where is he born?/There shall a star Mendelssohn
Nunc Dimittis Service in F Dyson
Postlude Was lebet Tambling
Thursday 11th11.00 amMorning Prayer
Sunday 14th10.00 amParish CommunionCWMathias
Lead me Lord Wesley
The Call Lloyd
Praeludium in F BuxWV 157 Buxtehude
6.30 pmChoral EvensongBCPSmith
Aston in F
A New Song MacMillan
Grand Choeur Douze Pieces (1886) Dubois
Thursday 18th11.00 amMorning Prayer
Sunday 21st10.00 amFamily EucharistCW
Cana's Guest Allain
O sacrum convivium Byrd
The Wedding at Cana Eben
6.30 pmNO Choral ComplineCWUnited service at Sele Community Centre 15.00
Thursday 25th11.00 amMorning Prayer
Sunday 28th10.00 amParish CommunionCW
O Lord, increase our faith Loosemore
Beati quorum via Stanford
Praeludium in A BWV 536 J.S.Bach
6.30 pmChoral EvensongBCPSmith
Bairstow in D
Christ, whose glory fill the sky Darke
March Richard III Walton

Services February 2024

Thursday 1st11.00 amMorning Prayer
Sunday 4th10.00 amAll the FamilyCWChristingle
A Gaelic Blessing Rutter
Shine, Jesus, Shine Blackwell
6.30 pmParish CommunionCW
Pastorale Gerontius Blackwell
Attende Domine Op 8/3 Demessieux
Lumen ad revelationem Op 48/6 Dupré
Thursday 8th11.00 amMorning Prayer
Sunday 11th10.00 amParish CommunionCWWilliam Mathias
O nata lux Tallis
In splendite nube Philips
Lucis creator optime Op 75/10 Peeters
6.30 pmChoral EvensongBCPRadcliffe
Aston in F
For lo, I raise up Stanford
Darwall's 148th Whitlock
Thursday 15th11.00 amMorning Prayer
Sunday 18th10.00 amFamily EucharistCW
Purge me, O Lord Tallis
O Lord, my God Wesley
Aus der tiefe C.P.E.Bach
6.30 pmComplineCW
We will lay us down Ford
'Forty days' Lang
Thursday 22nd11.00 amMorning Prayer
Sunday 25th10.00 amParish CommunionCWMathias
Lord, for thy tender mercy sake Hilton
Civita Sancti tui Byrd
Postlude Aberystwyth Bednall
6.30 pmChoral EvensongBCPRadcliffe
Stanford in G
Give us the wings of faith Bullock
Sarabande (in modo elegaico) Howells

Services March 2024

Sunday 3rd
10.00 amFamily ServiceCWThe Ten Commandments
Prelude Op 31/5 L.Vierne
If ye love me Stopford
Praeludium in c BWV 549 J.S.Bach
6.30 pmParish CommunionCW
Adoratio Grunenwald
Reverie Op 31/10 L.Vierne
Old 104th Op 186/4 Parry
Thursday 7th11.00 amMorning PrayerCW
Sunday 10th10.00 amFamily EucharistCW for Mothering Sunday
Berceuse Op 31/19 L.Vierne
Grannies and Grandads Benedicite Carter
For the beauty of the earth Rutter
All you need is love Ayres
6.30 pmChoral EvensongBCPFerial
Batten Fourth Service
Lord, let me know mine end Greene
Kyrie, Gott, Vater in Ewigkeit BWV 669 J.S.Bach
Thursday 14th11.00 amMorning PrayerCW
Sunday 17th10.00 amFamily EucharistCW
Preambule Op 31/1 L.Vierne
Almighty and everlasting God Gibbons
God so loved the world Chilcott
Flourish 'Crucifer' te Velde
6.30 pmChoral ComplineBCPPlainsong
Fantasia MB XX:13 Gibbons
Salvator Mundi Tallis
Fantasias MB XX:5&6 Gibbons
Thursday 21st11.00 amMorning PrayerCW
Sunday 24th10.00 amParish CommunionCWMathias
All glory, laud and honour BWV 736 J.S.Bach
Hosannah to the Son of David Weelkes
God so loved the world Crucifixion Stainer
Christe, alle Welt Trost BWV 670 J.S.Bach
6.30 pmChoral EvensongBCPFerial
Byrd Second Service
Lamentation Bairstow
Kyrie, Gott, heiliger Geist BWV 671 J.S.Bach>
Thursday 28th11.00 amMorning PrayerCW
8.00 pmChoral CommunionCWHowells Collegium Regale
Ubi Caritas Duruflé
Ave Verum Mawby
Ubi Caritas Gjeilo
Psalm 22 Howells
Good9.30 amFamily Service
Friday 29th2.00 pmSpecialAn Hour at the Foot of the Cross
In the departure of the Lord Bull
The reproaches Sanders
Timor et tremor Poulenc
Crucifixus J.S.Bach
Easter8.00 amHoly CommunionBCP
Day 31st10.00 amAll-age EucharistCWMathias
Alleluia, Jubilate Whitbourn
Blessed be the God and Father Wesley
Toccata Op 42/5 Widor

Services April 2024

Sunday 7th10.00 amAll the Family Service
Scherzo Ridout
Air 'Kelvingrove' Corl
6.30 pmParish CommunionCW
Württemburg Thorne
Adore Te Daniel-Lesur
On a theme of Orlando Gibbons Stanford
Thursday 11th11.00 amMorning PrayerCW
Sunday 14th10.00 amParish Communion>
Author of life divine McDowall
O for a closer walk with God Stanford
Vulpius Healey Willan
6.30 pmChoral EvensongBCPSmith
Psalm 142
Sumsion in G
Light of the world Elgar
Fanfare-Processional Bednall
Thursday 18th11.00 amHoly CommunionCW
Sunday 21st10.00 amFamily EucharistCWMathias
The Lord's my shepherd Chilcott
I give to you a new commandment Nardone
Easter Alleluia Slater
6.30 pmChoral ComplineBCPPlainsong
Psalm 81
Ego sum panis vivus Byrd
His Rest MB XXIV:51 Farnaby
Thursday 25th11.00 amMorning PrayerCW
Sunday 28th10.00 amParish CommunionCWMathias
O taste and see Vaughan Williams
I am the vine Bell
Thine be the glory Guilmant
6.30 pmChoral EvensongBCPSmith
Psalm 96
Dyson in F
Cantate Domino Vlahek
O filli et filiae Demessieux

Services May 2024

Thursday 2nd11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 5th10.00 All the Family Service
Prelude 'Living Lord' Archer
A New Commandment Tallis
Dance Six Pieces #4 Steel
6.30 pmCWParish Communion with Hymns
Prélude Modal Langlais
Chant de Paix Langlais
Praeludium in A BWV 536 J.S.Bach
Thursday 9th11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 12th10.00 amParish CommunionCWMathias
Voluntary Op 6/1 Stanley
O God, the King of glory Purcell
Ascendens Christus Handl
March on a theme of Handel Guilmant
6.30 pmChoral EvensongBCPFrith
Psalm 145 Jones Gauntlett
Murrill in E
God is gone up Finzi
Outburst of Joy The Ascension Messiaen
Thursday 16th11.00 amMorning Prayer
Sunday 19th10.00 amParish CommunionCWMathias (Civic Service)
Come, Holy Ghost Attwood
Celestial Fire McDowall
Variations & Toccata Veni Creator Duruflé
6.30 pmChoral ComplineBCPPlainsong
Loquebantur variis linguis Palestrina
Verset Veni Creator Roth
Thursday 23rd11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 26th10.00 amParish CommunionCWMathias
Allegretto Op 101/1 Stanford
Hymn to the Trinity Tchaikovsky
With all our hearts Tallis
Fanfare & Trumpet Tune 'Nicea' Tambling
6.30 pmChoral EvensongBCPFrith
Psalm 104 Howells
Aston in F
As truly as God is our Father Mathias
Postlude 'Gartan' Op 101/5 Stanford

Services June 2024

Sunday 2nd10.00 amAll the Family ServiceCW
Prelude 'Bunessan' Bullard
God the Holy Trinity Forbes l'Estrange
Allegro Concerto del Sigr Taglietti Walther
6.30 pmParish CommunionCW
Chant de Mai Jongen
'My yoke is easy & my burden is light' Méditations sur le Mystère de la Sainte Trinite Messiaen
Toccata in f (Symphonie IV) Widor
Thursday 6th11.00 amHoly CommunionCW
Sunday 9th10.00 amMorning PrayerCW
Lead me Lord Wesley
Out of the deep Morley
Fantasia & Fugue in Bb Op 18/6 Böely
6.30 pmChoral EvensongBCPAyleward
Wood in Eb no 2
If ye be risen again with Christ Gibbons
Postlude 'Ellers' Hand
Thursday 13th11.00 amMorning Prayer
Sunday 16th10.00 amFamily EucharistCWMathias
1ere Prélude Liturgique Litaize
God be in my head Howells
Cibavit Eos Byrd
Festal Flourish 'Jesus is Lord' Corl
6.30 pmChoral ComplineBCPPlainsong
The Beatitudes Rachmaninov
Miserere MB V:14 Tomkins
Thursday 20th11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 23rd8.00 amHoly CommunionBCP
10.00 amParish CommunionCWMathias
Pavane Drayton
A Prayer for Peace Lord
Crossing the bar Arbo
Praeludium in C BuxWV 137Buxtehude
6.30 pmChoral EvensongBCPAyleward
Howells Coll:Reg
The Call of Wisdom Todd
Quasi Lento: teneramente No 6, Six Short Pieces Howells
Thursday 27th11.00 amMorning Prayer
Sunday 30th >10.00 amParish CommunionCWMathias
Canzona in G BuxWV 171Buxtehude
As water to the thirsty Coleman/Penny
I have longed for thy saving health Byrd
Offertoire sur les grands Jeux Messe pour les Couvents Couperin
6.30 pmEvening ServiceBCPsuitable for the season

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