Work Parties

Our volunteers did over 130 hours during 2019 together with many hours at the May Plant Sale plus more hours on the annual Hall hedge trimming in August. They carried out some essential works including:-

  • The usual removal of yew berry seeds from the gutters together with cleaning out the road gullies and blocked rainwater hoppers, especially the tower roof outlets

  • Remove, clean and reset wood blocks within the church, a little job we keep for wet days!

  • Repointing of stonework

  • Repairs to lead flashing

  • Re-painting of downpipes

  • Repairs to damaged items

  • Treatment of Oak Doors

  • Completed many of the works called for in the 2016 Quinquennial inspection

  • Major work on St John's Hall & Annex - including repairs due to vandalism - and the external areas, particularly weeding and cleaning walls and paths

We usually meet once a month on a Saturday (normally the third Saturday) from about 9 a.m. - 12.30 p.m.

Dates and times are always noted on the boards in the back of the church and in the Vestry so keep an eye open and, at the same time, please contact me that I can include you on the list of helpers and notify you personally if there are any changes to dates

David Dean
01920 462873

Dates in 2020

  • 21st November

Saturday 15 August to Tuesday 18 August. We are planning to varnish St Johns Hall floor. If you can help on one or more days please let me know. It takes 1-2 hours each day.

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