All Saints Choir


We welcome boys, girls, teenagers and adults who are willing to make a commitment to the life of the Church through the Choir.

Leading worship

All Saints' Choir exists to lead the congregation in the praise and worship of God. Each week our choristers have the opportunity to sing and learn about a rich variety of sacred music. As well as its weekly duties at All Saints', the choir sings at cathedral services and gives concerts in a variety of venues.

Music and the spirit

The choir prides itself on the depth and variety of the social and spiritual environment that it fosters. It also has an excellent reputation for developing the talents and personal skills of young people within a supportive Christian community.

Music and the mind

It is widely acknowledged that a sound musical education significantly improves a child's IQ. Studies show that music greatly improves a child's capacity to learn. The commitment and involvement needed contribute to the development of important skills that are of benefit in both personal and professional life. Many choristers from All Saints' have put these skills to good use and gone on to become professional musicians, barristers, teachers and successes in many other walks of life.

Boys and Girls in our choir

Personal Development

Choristers start as Probationers, progressing through to Junior and then Senior Singers as their musical skills develop. As their Leadership qualities emerge they can go on to become a Full Chorister, then Senior Chorister and eventually, by learning all the necessary leadership skills, they may become Deputy Head and/or Head Chorister.

Musical training

All choristers work towards the RSCM Voice for Life Awards giving them clear and meaningful goals and nationally recognised awards for their achievements. We encourage choristers to attain high standards by providing them with the opportunities afforded by a full and rounded musical education.

Musical development

The Choir's musical programme has been developed to encourage choristers in their wider musical education and our scholarship fund supports additional musical tuition (and entrance fees for ABRSM examinations) for particularly promising individuals. The chart below shows how a child is likely to progress within the Choir.

AgeStatusRibbonTheory &Singing
8-9Junior Singing Boy/GirlLight blueGrade 1Grade 1
9-10Senior Singing Boy/GirlDark blueGrade 2Grade 2
10-11Full ChoristerRedGrade 3Grade 4
11-12Senior ChoristerYellowGrade 4Grade 5
12-plusHead ChoristerPurpleGrade 5Grade 6

Rich rewards

By joining the Choir, children not only benefit from gaining a wide range of personal skills and valuable experiences, but also earn pocket money, teaching them the value of reward as a result of effort. Choristers are paid according to their level of experience and the degree of responsibility that they have earnt within the Choir.

Fellowship for all

With the many shared musical the Choir's friendly atmosphere and spirit of Christian community encourages strong and lasting friendships. Many ex-choristers stay in touch with the Choir and return to participate in events.

Dedication and commitment

All Saints' Choir is about fun, learning, fellowship and above all commitment. We achieve the highest quality of musical and spiritual education by a parish church choir, because of the dedication and hard work of all those involved.

Boys and Girls' Choir

Fridays 18:30-20:00 and Sundays 9:30-11:00

Teenager & Adults' Choir

Fridays 19:30-21:00 and Sundays 9:30-11:00 and 17:45-19:30.

School holidays are observed throughout the year.

Special services and concerts

In addition to the weekly Sunday services the Choir sings at festivals such as Easter and Christmas, and performs public concerts on occasion

Contact us

For more information or an informal chat please contact our Director of Music, Martin Penny.

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