The Bells

You can hear the bells in these Youtube videos.

The earliest record of bells in All Saints was in 1552 when there were five bells. In 1674, the largest of these was recast into four smaller bells and creating the first octave in Hertfordshire. These bells were all recast in 1771 by Pack and Chapman of London into a ring with a tenor of 21 cwt 3 qtrs 9 lbs in E flat. In 1791, the number of bells was increased to ten when two trebles were cast by John Brian of Hertford. These bells were lost when the church was destroyed by fire.

The present ring of ten bells was cast by Mears and Stainbank (later becoming the Whitechapel Bell Foundry) in London in 1907. The first six bells were given by Mr T J Sworder and the back three given by Mrs Du Pre Thornton.

Details of the bells

69-0-26A37.31"1907AD 1907

All the bells bear the inscription "MEARS AND STAINBANK, FOUNDERS, LONDON, 1907"

Additional Notes

  • The Whitechapel Bell Foundry in London was believed to be the oldest manufacturing business in England when it finally closed in 2017
  • Bell weights are denoted in hundredweights (cwts) quarters (qtrs) and pounds (lbs). The metric equivalent of the weight of the tenor is 1721 kg, or approximately 16 average sized men.
  • To date there have been 89 full peals rung, each lasting about three hours. The first was rung on 21 December 1724. The first on the new ring was rung on 17 April 1907 and the latest on 9 April 2012.

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