Healing Services

Do you want to have a closer relationship with God which leads to a more whole life?

Would you like to pray for healing for yourself, or a friend or a relative?

Are you concerned about certain situations in life?
Are there relationships that are not all that they should be?
Would you like to pray for reconciliation of the world?
Do you long for peace?

There will be music and prayers, a reflection , and the laying on of hands and anointing (for those who request it).

Please join us as we share together in our quest for healing.

Our next Healing Service will be on Sunday 30th March at 6:30 pm.

What is Christian healing?

Healing is central to the gospel: healing the relationship between God and humankind is the very essence of Christ's work in his life, death, and resurrection.

During his ministry, Jesus healed many people. Jesus involved his disciples in the work of healing and they continued this work; the book of Acts contains accounts of healing by Christ's followers, and the epistles of Paul discuss healing as a gift of the Spirit. For years, physical healing was an integral component of Christian life and faith as a sign of God's love, compassion, and care.

Today, there is a more holistic, integrated view of health in medicine and the church recognises that healing, reconciliation and restoration are integral to the good news of Jesus Christ. For this reason prayer for individuals, focused through the laying on of hands and anointing with oil, has an important place within the Church. God's gracious activity of healing is to be seen both as part of the proclaiming of the good news and as an outworking of the presence of the Spirit in the life of the Church.

Prayer for healing takes seriously the way in which individual sickness and vulnerability are often the result of injustice and social oppression. Equally importantly such prayer should not imply that the restoration of physical wholeness is the only way in which Christ meets human need. Healing has always to be seen against the background of the continuing anguish of an alienated world and the hidden work of the Holy Spirit bringing God's new order to birth. It is a way of partaking in God's new life that will not be complete until God's Kingdom includes all of creation.

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