Service and music lists

Services January 2022

Sunday 2nd
10.00 amFamily ServiceCW
No Small Wonder Edwards
Prelude in A BWV 536/i J.S.Bach
6.30 pmEvening CommunionCWfor the New Year
Thursday 6th11.00 amHoly CommunionCW
Sunday 9th10.00 amParish CommunionCWMathias
Christ, our Lord, came to Jordan BWV 684 J.S.Bach
O Lord, give thy Holy Spirit Tallis
Tribus Miraculis Marenzio
Flourish Cruger Blackwell
6.30 pmCarol ServiceCWfor Epiphany
Eastern Monarchs Penny
Say, where is he born?/There shall a star Mendelssohn
In the bleak mid-winter Darke
Nunc Dimittis Coll: Regale Howells
Postlude Was lebet Tambling
Thursday 13th11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 16th10.00 amShortened EucharistCW
The word La Nativite du Seigneur Messiaen
O taste and see Vaughan Williams
O sacrum convivium Byrd
The Wedding at Cana Eben
6.30 pmComplineCW
7 versets on 'Telluris ingens conditor MB XIV/47 Bull
Cantate Domino Pitoni
Te lucis ante terminum MB XIV/46 Bull
Thursday 20th11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 23rd10.00 amParish CommunionCWMathias
O sing joyfully Batten
Thy word is a Lantern Purcell
Carillon-Sortie Mulet
6.30 pmComplineCW
Hostis herodes impie EECM VI/44 Anon
O Lord, increase our faith Loosemore
Primo dierum omnium EECM VI/51 Redford
Thursday 27th11.00 amMorning Prayer
Sunday 30th
10.00 amParish CommunionCWMathias
Senex puer portabit Byrd
O nata lux Tallis
'A light to reveal' Op 48/6 Dupré
6.30 pmEvensongCW(Said)

Services February 2022

Thursday 3rd11.00 amMorning Prayer
Sunday 6th 8.00 amHoly CommunionBCP
10.00 amAll the FamilyCW
Christ as a light Rizza
Shine, Jesus, Shine Blackwell
6.30 pmChoral CommunionCWDarke in F
Who so dwelleth.. Three Liturgical Improvisations/2 Oldroyd
Prevent us, O Lord Harris
Prelude 'Solothurn' MacDonald
Thursday 10th11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 13th10.00 amParish CommunionCWWilliam Mathias
Give me justice MacMillan
Os justi Bruckner
Praeludium in F BuxWV 145 Buxtehude
6.30 pmChoral EvensongBCPSmith
Sumsion in G
Hear my prayer Mendelssohn
Prelude East Acklam F.Jackson
Thursday 17th11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 20th10.00 amFamily EucharistCWMartin How
THou visiteth the earth Greene
They that go down to the sea in ships Sumsion
Finale Symphonie 2 Widor
6.30 pmComplineCW
Haec Dies Chants de Pâques/3 Fleury
Pure river of water of life Whitbourn
Très Modère 24 Pièces/23 Fleury
Thursday 24th11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 27th10.00 amParish CommunionCWMathias /*
Holy is the true light Harris UKraine */
A Paryer for Peace Lord
O nata lux Lauridsen
Praeludium in G BuxWV 147 Buxtehude
6.30 pmChoral EvensongBCPSmith
Sumsion in A
Greater Love Ireland
On an old Irish Church Melody Op 101/6 Stanford

Services March 2022

Thursday 3rd11.00 amHoly CommunionCW
Sunday 6th8.00 amHoly CommunionBCP
10.00 amFamily ServiceCWAus der Tiefe BWV 687 J.S.Bach
O for a closer walk with God Stanford
Aus der Tiefe CPE Bach
6.30 pmChoral CommunionCWHowells Collegium Regale
My eyes for beauty pine Howells
Attende, Domine Op 8/3 Demessieux
Thursday 10th11.00 amHoly CommunionCW
Sunday 13th10.00 amParish CommunionCWMathias Civic Service
Hide not Thou thy face Farrant
Civitas sancti tui Byrd
Kyrie, Gott, heiliger Geist BWV 671 J.S.Bach
6.30 pmChoral EvensongBCPFerial
Byrd Second Service
O Lord, look down from heaven Battishill
Christe, alle Welt Trost BWV 670 J.S.Bach
Thursday 17th11.00 amHoly CommunionCW
Sunday 20th10.00 amFamily EucharistCWMathias
Call to remembrance Farrant
Sicut Cervus Palestrina
Praeludium in d BWV 539 J.S.Bach
6.30 pmChoral ComplineBCPPlainsong
Lord, in thy wrath Byrd
Prelude MB XXVII:24 Byrd
Thursday 24th11.00 amHoly CommunionCW
Mothering8.00 amHoly CommunionBCP
Sunday 27th10.00 amSpecial EucharistCWfor Mothering Sunday
Grannies and Grandads (Benedicite) Carter
For the beauty of the earth Rutter
Dialogue 1 Hurford
6.30 pmChoral EvensongBCPFerial
Batten Fourth Service
Give us the wings of faith Bullock
Aria Petra Moore
Thursday 31st11.00 amHoly CommunionCW

Services April 2022

Sunday 3rd8.00 amHoly CommunionBCP
10.00 amAll the Family ServiceCWMary and Martha
God so loved the world Chilcott
Toccatina (2017) Wammes
6.30 pmChoral CommunionCWPalestrina Missa brevis
Drop, drop, slow tears à 5 Gibbons
Aus tiefer noth BWV 686 J.S.Bach
Thursday 7th11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 10th10.00 amParish CommunionCW
All glory, laud and honour BWV 736 J.S.Bach
Hosannah to the Son of David Weelkes
Vinea mea electa Poulenc
O sacred head Bednall
6.30 pmMeditationfor Palm Sunday
Crucifixus à 8 Lotti
Miserere Byrd
Christus factus est Bruckner
Crucifixion Symphonie-Passion Dupré
Thursday 14th11.00 amHoly Communion
8.00 pmChoral CommunionCWDarke in E
Ubi Caritas Gjeilo
Ubi Caritas Duruflé
Ave Verum Mawby
Psalm 22 Howells
Good9.30 amFamily Service
Friday 15th2.00 pmSpecialAn Hour at the Foot of the Cross
In the departure of the Lord Bull
The reproaches Sanders
Timor et tremor Poulenc
Crucifixus Mass in b J.S.Bach
Easter8.00 amHoly CommunionBCP
Day 17th10.00 amAll-age EucharistCWHow
Joy has come Carter
Blessed be the God and Father Wesley
Toccata Op 42/5 Widor
6.30 pmEvensong (Said)BCP
Thursday 21st11.00 amHoly CommunionCW
Sunday 24thI know that my redeemer liveth Tomkins
Quia vidisti mea, Thoma Palestrina
Paraphrase on Judas Maccabeus Op 90/16 Guilmant
6.30 pmEvensong (Said)BCP
Thursday 28th11.00 amHoly CommunionCW

Services May 2022

Sunday 1st8.00 amHoly CommunionBCP
10.00 amAll the Family ServiceCWFishers of Men
This Joyful Eastertide arr. Ledger
Air 'Kelvingrove' Corl
6.30 pmChoral CommunionCWWillan/Ford Missa Brevis VII 'O Westron Wynde'
Most glorious Lord of Life Harris
Thursday 5th11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 8th10.00 amParish CommunionCWMathias
Psalm 23 Matthews
Alleluia, I heard a voice Weelkes
Easter Alleluia Slater
6.30 pmChoral EvensongBCPFrith
Psalm 114 Bairstow
Howells Collegium Regale
Ye choirs of new Jerusalem Stanford
Prelude in C BWV 547 J.S.Bach
Thursday 12th11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 15th10.00 amParish CommunionCWHow
And New Commandment Nardone
Ubi Caritas Duruflé
Acclamation - Christ the Victor Suite Mediavele Langlais
6.30 pmChoral ComplineBCPPlainsong
Here, O my Lord, I see thee face to face Whitlock
Andante Religioso Alcock
Thursday 19th11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 22nd10.00 amParish CommunionCWMathias (Civic Service)
Rejoice in the Lord alway Anon
If ye love me Stopford
Finale Symphonie VI Widor
6.30 pmChoral EvensongBCPFrith
Stanford in G
Light of the world Elgar
Gelobt Sei Gott Willan
Thursday 26th11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 29th10.00 amParish CommunionCWMathias
Let my prayer come up Blow
Non vos reliquam Byrd
Outbursts of Joy L'Ascension Messiaen
6.30 pmEvening service(Said)

Services June 2022

Friday 3rd5.30 pmConcertA Platinum Jubilee Choral Celebration
Zadok the Priest Handel
A life lived with grace Chinemelu
Crown Imperial Walton
Sinfonia Cantata 29 J.S.Bach
Psalm 23 Matthews
Let my prayer come up Blow
Rejoice in the Lord alway Anon
O taste and see Vaughan Williams
Orb & Sceptre Walton
In our service Hewitt Jones
I was glad Parry
Sunday 5th8.00 amHoly CommunionBCP
10.00 amAll the Family EucharistCWMathias
In our service Hewitt Jones
A life lived with grace Chinemelu
Crown Imperial Walton
6.30 pmTaize Servicewith Hymns for Pentecost
Thursday 5th11.00 amHoly CommunionBCP
Sunday 12th10.00 amParish CommunionCWMathias
Hymn to the Trinity Tchaikowsky
O beata et benedicta et gloriosum Trinitas Palestrina
Finale Sonata Celtica Stanford
6.30 pmChoral EvensongBCPSmith
Batten Fourth Service
As truly as God is our Father Mathias
Processional Mathias
Thursday 12th11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 19th10.00 amFamily EucharistCWMathias
Psalm 22.19-28Howells
Sicut Cervus Palestrina
Finale Symphonie II Fleury
6.30 pmChoral ComplineBCPPlainsong
I have longed for thy saving health Byrd
Pavane 'Lachrimae' MB LV:20 Dowland
Thursday 23rd11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 26th8.00 amHoly CommunionBCP
10.00 amParish CommunionCWMathias
Teach me thy ways Fox
Beati quorum via Stanford
Walk in the light Blackwell

Services July 2022

Sunday 3rd8.00 amHoly CommunionBCP
10.00 amAll the Family ServiceCWThomas
Beati quorum via Stanford
Carillon24 Pièces en style libre Vierne
6.30 pmChoral CommunionCWMozart Missa Brevis in d KV 65
Quia vidiste me, Thoma Palestrina
Postlude Hyfrodol Bednall
Thursday 7th11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 10th10.00 amParish CommunionCW
A New Commandment Tallis
Though I speak Bairstow
Fanfare-Postlude Hyfrodol Bednall
6.30 pmChoral EvensongBCPFrith
Sumsion in A
O pray for the peace of Jerusalem Howells
Postlude Woodlands Bedard
Thursday 14th11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 17th10.00 amFamily EucharistCW
Jesu, the very thought of thee Bairstow
For I went with the multitude Aston
Praeludium in C BuxWV 137 Buxtehude
6.30 pmChoral ComplineBCPPlainsong
The Beatitudes Rachmaninov
A Ground MB XX:26 Gibbons
Thursday 21st11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 24th10.00 amFamily EucharistCW
The Lord's Prayer Froith
Hear the voice and prayer Tallis
Dialogue sue les Trompettes Messe pour les Paroisses Couperin
Sunday 31st
10.00 amParish CommunionCW
Hymn to the Sun Op 53/3 Vierne

Services August 2022

Sunday 7th
10.00 amFamily EucharistCW
Sunday 14th
10.00 amParish CommunionCW
Sunday 21st
10.00 amFamily EucharistCW
Sunday 28th
10.00 amParish CommunionCW

Services September 2022

Thursday 1st11.00 amHoly CommunionCW Followed by light lunch
Sunday 4th10.00 amAll the FamilyCWThe Church
Rondo di Chiesa Suite Laudate Dominum Hurford
Tomorrow shall be my dancing day Gardner
Psalm 100 Taizé/Hurford/Penny
The Lord bless you and keep you Rutter
Dialogue 1 Two Dialogues Hurford
6.30 pmChoral CommunionCWPalestrina Missa Aterna Christi Munera
Agnus Dei II Palestrina
Praeludium in g Bruhns
Thursday 8th11.00 amHoly CommunionCW
Sunday 11th10.00 amParish CommunionCWMathias
Meditation Agnus Dei Duruflé
Eternal Rest Whitbourn
The Call of Wisdom Todd
Chorale Prelude Eventide Parry
6.30 pmChoral EvensongBCPRadcliffe
Stanford in C
Evening Hymn Balfour Gardner
Fantasia The King of Love Leighton
Thursday 15th11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 18th10.00 amFamily EucharistCWMathias
Prayer Missa Mundi Camilleri
Give me Justice Macmillan
Ubi Caritas Gjeilo
Fantasia in c BWV 562 J.S.Bach
Sunday 18th2.00 pmThanksgiving Service for her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Solemn Melody Walford Davies
Adagio in E Bridge
Psalm 121 Walford Davies
And I saw a new heaven Bainton
Nunc Dimittis Service in G Stanford
Adagio in g Albinoni/Giazotto
Thursday 22nd11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 25th10.00 amParish CommunionCWMathias
Give almes of thy goods Tye
View me Lord Lloyd
Prelude - 'Spitfire' The First of the Few Walton
6.30 pmChoral EvensongBCPRadcliffe
Tallis Short Service
My soul,there is a country Parry
Praeludium in F BuxWV 153 Buxtehude

Services October 2022

Sunday 2nd10.00 amFamily ServiceCWHarvest
Thou visiteth the earth Greene
Dance-Scherzo "We plough the fields and scatter" Archer
6.30 pmChoral CommunionCWDarke in F
Prelude "East Acklam" Jackson (b 2/10/1917)
Ego sum panis vivum Byrd
Chorale Fughetta "Monkland" Blackwell
Thursday 6th11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 9th
10.00 amParish CommunionCW
Verily, verily Tallis
The Doctrine of Wisdom Mathias
Finale Symphonie I Vierne
6.30 pmChoral EvensongBCPAyleward
Howells Collegium Regale
Strengthen ye the weak hands Harris
Greensleeves arr. Vaughan Williams
Thursday 13th11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 16th10.00 amParish CommunionCW
Sarabande for the 12th day of any October Partita Howells
O taste and see Vaughan Williams
Prayer of King Henry VI G. Jackson
Old 104th Parry
6.30 pmCompline
Carol Vaughan Williams
O God, the King of Glory Purcell
Voluntary in G Z720 Purcell
Thursday 20th11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 23rd10.00 amParish CommunionCW
Lord, for thy tender mercies sake Hilton
Thy word is a lantern Purcell
Darwalls 148th Whitlock
6.30 pmChoral EvensongBCPSmith
Adoration Price
Coleridge-Taylor in F
Greater Love Ireland
St Ethelwald Farrar
Thursday 27th11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 30thAll Saints' Sunday
10.00 amParish CommunionCWMathias
Holy is the true light Harris
O quam gloriosum Victoria
Toccata 'O when the saints' Herschel-Hill

Services November 2022

Thursday 3rd11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 4th10.00 amAll the Family ServiceCW
Give us the wings of faith Whitbourn
Fanfare 'Shine, Jesus, Shine' Tambling
6.30 pmChoral CommunionCWDove Missa Brevis
Alleluia, I heard a voice Weelkes
Placare Christus servulis Tombeau de Titelouze Op38/16 Dupré
Thursday 10th11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 13th10.53 amCWService at War Memorial
11.30 amParade ServiceCW
The true glory Aston
Allegro Risoluto Symphonie VIII Widor
6.30 pmQuiet CommunionCW
Thursday 17th11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 20th10.00 amFamily EucharistCWCommemoration of Faithful Departed
God be in my head Radcliffe
Ubi Caritas Gjeilo
If ye love me Stopford
Christ Triumphant Leddington Wright
6.30 pmChoral ComplineBCPPlainsong
Christus factus est Anerio
Christi (I & III) Fiori Musicale Frescobaldi
Thursday 24th11.00 amHoly Communion
Sunday 27th10.00 amParish CommunionCW
Prelude Cross of Jesus Grote
Matin Responsory Palestrina
Canite Tuba Guerrero
Veni Emmanuel Carter
6.30 pmMessiah (Pt1) Handel

Services December 2022

Sunday 4th
10.00 amFamily ServiceCWBeginning and Ending
Veni Emmanuel Te Velde
People, look East! arr. Ferguson
Recessional Personet Hodie Te Velde
6.30 pmChoral CommunionCWMissa: Collegium Regale Howells
How beautiful upon the mountains Stainer
Finale Little Cornard Bullard
Sunday 11th10.00 amParish CommunionCW
O Oriens McDowall
Rejoice in the Lord alway Anon
This is the record of John Gibbons
Wachet auf! BWV 645 J.S.Bach
6.30 pmChoral EvensongCW
Conditor Alme Peeters
Fauxbordons Morley
Of the Father's heart arr. Ford
Veni Redemptor Byrd
Sunday 18th
10.00 amFamily EucharistCW
O Emmanuel McDowall
O radiant Dawn MacMillan
Mary's Magnificat Carter
Toccata Veni Emmanuel Carter
7.00 pmService Lessons & CarolsSpecial order of Service
Advent Chorales J.S.Bach
Congregational Hymns & Carols
A child is born in Bethlehem Stopford
Adam lay y-bounden Ord
In dulci jubilo Pearsall
O nata lux Lauridsen
Good King Wenseslas arr. Jacques
Mary's Magnificat Carter
Before the paling of the stars McDowall
Infant Holy arr. Willcocks
Eastern Monarchs Penny
No small wonder Edwards
In Dulci Jubilo J.S.Bach
Prelude in B Op 7/1 Dupré
Christmas Eve 24th4.00 pmCrib Service
No small wonder Edwards
Toccata in 7 Rutter
11.30 pmFirst Communion of ChristmasCW
In dulci jubilo Pearsall
Infant Holy arr. Willcocks
Up! Good Christen folk arr. Woodward
Fantaisia 'Adeste Fideles' Blackwell
Christmas Day 25th
10.00 amFamily EucharistCW
Rocking arr. Willcocks
O little one sweet harm. J S Bach
A merry Christmas arr. Warrell
Declamation/Gloria Bedford

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