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Yesterday’s prayer course was based on a conversation, with two people in a video sitting and chatting about prayer. "It's the most natural thing in the world and yet we often make it so hard" the man commented. We were encouraged to "Keep it simple, keep it real and keep it up".

We chatted afterwards about how sometimes we may think that we have to use a particular voice, know more about the Bible or use special language in our prayers but we realised that prayer with God needs to be more like an ordinary conversation where we talk about the things that we are concerned about, thankful for or need. It was very liberating to realise that prayer is so natural, normal and utterly sustaining. It's a time of deep connection and communication often beyond any words.

While I was writing this email popped up:

I was pleased to be involved last night. I think it will be a useful course. Prayer is so important, and l often worry when l cannot find adequate words to express myself. Surely if my relationship with God is good the words should just flow as if I'm talking to a special friend. Do you set a certain time aside for prayer each day or does it vary? Is it easier to pray with others? We were told last night to keep it simple, but l worry when l feel my prayers are not good enough and yet scripture tells us not to worry.

One of the simplest prayers is the Jesus Prayer, which is to say the single word "Jesus", we can say this at any time, in any place silently.


If you would like to join us on the weekly course on Tuesday nights at 7.30 via zoom or phone please let me know.

Love, Jo
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