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The Prayer Course starting Tuesday June 2nd 7.30pm

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As Christians we may often feel that Jesus is calling us to care for those in need, to study our Bibles and to be active members of our Church. These of course are all vitally important but the main way in which we are called to serve God is in prayer. The Bible tells us that Jesus often took himself off especially to pray and when asked by the Disciples how they should pray he gave them The Lord’s Prayer.

We all pray in our own way and some of us even lead intercessions in services, but have you ever really thought about how you pray or what you pray for or even when and where you pray?

On Tuesday 2nd June at 7.30 we are beginning an 8 week Prayer Course and we would be so pleased to see as many people as possible joining us on Zoom to explore how we pray and what we pray for. Feel free to invite your friends to join in. We will be watching a series of YouTube videos and if you want to know more about the course search for The Prayer Course online. Each session should last about an hour.

I have been looking at the course and also reading the book “How to pray” by Pete Greig who devised the course and I am finding it really exciting and very helpful. This is a course for everybody regardless of how long you have been a follower of Christ.

Please speak to Jo, Nerine or Janet or email us letting us know that you want to join the course and we will send you the Zoom link.

At this really difficult time prayer is so important to all of us and supports us in all we do. This course will make us think afresh about how we pray and remind us of our duty to worship God in all that we do.

Yours in Christ Janet

Background Information

Pete Greig is an Ambassador for the NGO Tearfund, an Associate Tutor at St Mellitus Theological College, and a member of The Order of the Mustard Seed. He co-hosts Wildfires and The Big Church Day Out the UK's largest Christian festival. For eight years Pete was the Director of Prayer for Alpha International and HTB, a large Anglican church in London, although he himself is ordained in the Free Church tradition.

If you have friends or family members who would like to join us in either of these activities, please do invite them.

Love, Jo
01992 584899

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