Bible Book Club; first Tuesday of each month

A time to get together, learn and reflect. (Yes, this was formerly known as Bible Study but we thought that this did not really quite reveal how much discussion there was!)

At each meeting we consider a selected passage from the Bible.

We have chosen Acts as our next topic for study, as this follows on so neatly from Luke’s Gospel.

For our first session (May 8th) we will look at the first 7 chapters, taking selected passages to show how the first Christian community took shape and lived, and the message they proclaimed in Jerusalem.

If time allows we will also look at how opposition from the ‘establishment’ continued and grew, culminating in the martyrdom of St Stephen.

In subsequent weeks we can then move on to look at the spread of the Gospel beyond the Judean heartland into the Greek and Roman world, and the dramatic appearance of St Paul.

Each meeting lasts about one hour. They are normally held on the first Tuesday of each month in the meeting room at the back of church. Potential topics for the next meeting are suggested and a choice made, so that everyone has time to read and reflect on the passage(s) before we get together.

All welcome

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